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International Guests

For Visitors coming to the University of West Bohemia who must fulfill visa equirements, the International Office can provide an official ducument so called: "Pozvání" (Invitation).
This document is accepted by the Embassy or Consulate. For more information regarding the visa procedure, please get in touch with the Czech Embassy in your country.
The official Invitation for enter into the CR can be issued only if the visitors provide the following information:

  1. Period of stay in the CR (from-until)

  2. Scan copy of your passport

It is highly recommended by the University of West Bohemia that all foreign visitors arrange appropriate travel health insurance before entering the Czech Republic. This health insurance should cover: health insurance, damages liability insurance, repatriation, disability.
For more information, contact Tereza Huclová, tel. +420 377 635 711, e-mail: huclov@rek.zcu.cz

Every foreigner is oblidged to announce his/her arrival at the local Foreigner Department Pilsen.

Kontakt : Oddělení pobytových agend Plzeň, Slovanská alej 2046/26, 307 51 Plzeň, Tel.: 974 324 669, email: scpple@mvcr.cz

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