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EURAXESS Czech Republic

The University of West Bohemia is one of 7 local contact points in the Euraxess Czech Republic network.

The EURAXESS project is one of the Czech Republic's initiatives to implement the European Commission's recommendations in Lisbon in 2000. It is a contribution towards the strengthening of the European Research Area (ERA), supporting its aim to become one of the strongest world economies.

The EURAXESS Czech Republic Network is part of the European Services Network - EURAXESSofficially founded on 30 June 2004 in Paris. The European network consists of more than 250 cooperating service centres in 40 (mainly European) countries.
A network of collaborating contact points was created across the regions of the Czech Republic between 2005-2007, as part of the "Czech Mobility Centre" project, funded by the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission and by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. And so the EURAXESS Czech Republic Network was born. 

The EURAXESS network in the Czech Republic is part of the wider EURAXESS network with hundreds of centres in 40 European countries. If you wish to search for job opportunities across the EURAXESS countries please visit the EURAXESS jobs portal, and for information about living in another European country, please visit the EURAXESS portal for the relevant partner country, and contact their EURAXESS Service Centres

We provide information and assistance to researchers who are coming to work in the Czech Republic. We help researchers and their families to plan and organize their move to a foreign country, providing assistance in all matters related to mobility, see our services commitment. All services provided by the EURAXESS Network are free of charge.

We provide information about:

  •  jobs and funding opportunities in the Czech Republic,

  •   entry conditions

  •   social security, health and pension coverage,

  •   taxation issues,

  •   daily life and family matters

EURAXESS contact person: Martina Bruštíková, tel.: +420 735 713 982, e-mail: brustikm@rek.zcu.cz