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International Students

International students
can study at UWB either in the short period study stays (e.g. Erasmus) or  in the following study programmes depending on their language abilities:


1. Short study programmes:

  • Programme Erasmus+
  • Programme Free movers (students supported by different national or international scholarships)

Students who wish to come within the Erasmus programme should inform themself about study conditions at their home university.


2. Long/ following study programmes:

  • Study Programmes in Czech
  • Parallel Study Programmes in English

Students who would like to study in the Czech language have the same conditions as Czech students and are not required to pay the tuition fee (does not apply for students who already graduated from the Czech university!).

Students wishing to study Parallel Study Programmes in English are required to pay the tuition fee and the university offers no scholarships within these study programmes.


Special services for international students include:

  • Introductory / orientation week to the life at UWB and in Pilsen
  • Accompanied assistance provided by the International Office, e.g. visits to institutions, offices, banks etc.
  • Assistance in matters concerning every-day life and accommodation in student dormitories
  • Czech language lessons offered to international students while studying at UWB

All activities are provided by student´s organisation ESN Pilsen:



Contact for international students at UWB:

International Office
University of West Bohemia
Univerzitni 20
30614 Pilsen
Czech Republic

Erasmus programmes:
erasmus@service.zcu.cz, tel.: +420 377 63 57 63 , fax: +420 377 63 57 02

Programme Free movers:
erasmus@service.zcu.cz, lsmucler@rek.zcu.cz, tel.: +420 377 63 57 99

Parallel study programmes in English: 
study@rek.zcu.cz, jjanska@rek.zcu.cz, tel.: +420 377 63 57 99, fax: +420 377 63 57 02

Courses of preparation for job search in the Czech Republic (designed for foreigners) 

When: 12. 10. - 30. 11. 2013 (not every Saturday)
Tylova 1, Plzen

The aim of the courses is to prepare foreigners for future employment (how to write a CV, motivation letter, etc.). The courses are for free. More information: http://www.ekscr.cz/cs/kurz-hledání-kvalifikovaného-zaměstnání-1-lekce


  • International students are invited to visit the pilsner church named Nanebevzetí Panny Marie in Františkánská street n°11. where the catholic holly mass will take place every Saturday (starting the 1st Saturday in October 2013) at 8 pm. The holly mass will be held by the dominican priest - Vojtěch Soudský (vojtech@op.cz).

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