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  • General information about the INTERSTUD scholarship
  • Main conditions for obtaining the scholarship
  • Admission procedure process
  • INTERSTUD scholarship rules
  • Contact Person

The University of West Bohemia (UWB) offers the INTERTSUD scholarship to talented international students.  The scholarship provides financial support together with the quality education. This project is included in the UWB Institutional plan to promote international cooperation in higher education. 


  • Completed secondary education (Bachelor programme applicants) or Bachelor education (applicants for Master studies)
  • Applicant must be 18 years old or older at the beginning of the course of Czech language
  • Excellent study results
  • Knowledge of the Czech language at A2 level (at the time of the admission interview)
  • Meet one of the following conditions:
    1. Participation in the admission interview
    2. Pass the SAT Reasoning Test and submit the certificate of the Czech language at the A2 level (only CCE or UJP UWB), submit the test result by 30. 9. 2019
  • The nominated candidates  have to participate in intensive language course of Czech language. The course starts in the first week of February and ends at the end of June. This course is free for students  and takes place at  the UWB campus.

The scholarship support is focused only on students involved in Bachelor or Masters programmes taught in Czech language and offered by the following UWB faculties participating in the project:

  • Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAV)
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL)
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FST)
  • Faculty of Education (FPE)
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (FF)
  • Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art (FDULS) - applicants have to follow conditions of the admission procedure announced by the Faculty of Design and Art. The application form into the INTERSTUD project is filled in during the talent tests. The selected applicants do not have to attend the intensive course of Czech language.


Application to INTERSTUD project have to be submitted online by the “INTERSTUD Application Form” from the link below from July 1st till September 15th.  

The application form must be filled in and sent by post in paper form together with the required documents to the address of the project coordinator INTERSTUD till 15. 9. 2019 (International Office - Lenka Porazilová, Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, Univerzitní 8, 30100 Plzeň). All enclosed documents must be officially certified copies translated into Czech or English language. 

“INTERSTUD Application Form”

List of required documents

During the first week in October, an admission interview is organized in Russian Federation (Moscow) and Czech Republic (Pilsen, in the universities campus). Part of the interview is a test of secondary school Mathematics, a language test (free choice of three languages - English, German or French), a test of Czech language and a personal interview.

Candidates who take part in the interviews do not submit result of the SAT Reasoning Test.

The results of the tests and the submitted documents will be evaluated by the INTERSTUD project committee which will pass on to the faculties the list of selected applicants together with the proposal for the scholarship. The faculties will decide on the admission or non-admission of the applicant into the INTERSTUD project.

The decision about the admission into the INTERSTUD scholarship project is announced to the applicants in the mid of November. Admitted students receive a confirmation of admission to Czech language course  which they will submit for a visa application for more than 90 days for the purpose of “other”.

In parallel with the INTERSTUD application, the applicant is required to fill in the electronic application form for study at the UWB by the end of January and to pay the administrative fee for the admission procedure 500 CZK. Without fulfilling this obligation, the candidate will be eliminated from the INTERSTUD project.

Selected applicants have to  follow the conditions of the announced admission procedure of the appropriate faculty which will issue a decision on the admission or non-admission of the student to the UWB within a reasonable time. The student will be enrolled for the study in the standard term, only if the conditions of the admitted admission procedure are fulfilled.


For the duration of the language course, the student has the status of a “course participant” and is receiving financial support in the form of reimbursement of accommodation at the dormitory. Other costs of staying during the course are covered by the participant's own funds.

The student receives the first scholarship payment in September.

The students are granted the INTERSTUD scholarship support in the first year of study,  the following years are granted by the faculty. The scholarship amount is 5 000 CZK per month and can be increased or decreased depending on student´s study results and his or hers compliance with UWB study regulations. The scholarship granted for the winter term of the first year is based on attendance and completion of all tests in the intensive Czech language course.  

Once the scholarship is granted, it is not possible to change the faculty, study programme or field of study.


Mrs. Lenka Porazilová

Email: porazilo@rek.zcu.cz

Tel:  +420 377 635 767