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  • General information about the INTERSTUD scholarship support
  • Main conditions for obtaining the scholarship
  • Steps of admission procedure
  • Rules of the INTERSTUD scholarship support
  • Nostrification
  • Contact Person

The University of West Bohemia (UWB) offers the INTERTSUD scholarship support to international students from developing countries that are currently undergoing a process of social and economic transformation. The scholarship provides financial support together with the quality education. Students currently enrolled in the project INTERSTUD are mainly  from the following countries: Belarus and Ukraine. This project is included in the UWB Institutional plan to promote international cooperation in higher education and  is  focused on talented international students. 


  • Completed secondary education
  • Applicant must be 18 years or older
  • Excellent study results
  • Knowledge of the Czech language at level B1 (valid for applicants who apply to the following faculties: FEL, FST, FPE, FF)
  • Knowledge of the Czech language at level A2 will be taken into account (valid for applicants who apply to the following faculties: FAV, FDULS)

The scholarship support is focused only on students involved in bachelor and masters study programs taught in the Czech language and offered by the following UWB faculties participating in the project:

  • Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAV)
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL)
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FST)
  • Faculty of Education (FPE)
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (FF)
  • Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art (FDULS) - applicants have to follow conditions of the admission procedure announced by the Faculty of Design and Art

Students admitted for studies at UWB  have to participate in an intensive three months course of the Czech language (from June to September). This language course is free and takes place on the UWB campus.

1.       The registration of  applicants for study at UWB in study programmes with INTERSTUD scholarship support is through an on-line Preliminary registration form (PAF). Open from September 1st  to November 30th.  The applicant will received further information regarding the admission procedure after sending the PAF.

Preliminary registration form (PAF)

 2.       Until the end of December the applicants have to fill in the  Complete application form (CAF). The CAF must be filled in and sent by post in paper form together with the required documents to the address: International Office (Lenka Porazilová), University of West Bohemia, Univerzitní 8, 306 14 Plzeň, Czech Republic. All enclosed documents must be officially certified copies translated into Czech or English language. 

Complete application form (CAF)

List of required documents

 3.       In parallel with the application forms PAF and CAF the applicant is required to fill in  the  electronic application form for studies at UWB until the end of December.

 4.       Until the end of December each applicant must pay an administrative admission fee in the amount of 500 CZK and send the confirmation of payment via e-mail to: porazilo@rek.zcu.cz

  Instructions for payment of an administrative fee

Decisions of acceptance / non-acceptance to study with INTERSTUD scholarship support is sent to the applicants at the end of February.

The students are granted the INTERSTUD scholarship support in the first year of study,  the following years are granted by the faculty. The scholarship amount is 5 000 CZK per month and can be increased / decreased depending on the student´s results and compliance with UWB study regulations. The scholarship granted for the winter semester of the first year is based on attendance and completion of all tests in the intensive Czech language course.  Once the scholarship is granted, it is not possible to change the faculty, study program or field of study.

International students are required (according to the requirements of the faculty) to present nostrification of their previous education until the registration for study at the beginning of academic year in September. Only the completed education can be nostrified. The Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the Regional office of the Pilsen region processes the nostrification of certificate  issued by a secondary school abroad whose content and scope is equivalent to a secondary school or college in the Czech republic. Rector of UWB makes decisions about recognition of higher education from abroad.

Lenka Porazilová, e-mail: porazilo@rek.zcu.cz

Tel.:  +420 377 635 767