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International student organisations at UWB

International students organizations locating at the University of West Bohemia have their seat at the Student center at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts. If you would like to use their services or become a member and join them, please contact them at the following address: Jungmannova 1, room JJ 205.


AEGEE = Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l´Europe

Some call it Europe, we call it home!

European students’ forum is a non-profit and non-political international students organization open for all university students of various study programmes, specializations and opinions. Its main aim is to spread the idea of European cooperation among young people, arrange meetings of students from different places of Europe etc.
Among the most important activities are organizing the summer universities, conferences etc.


AIESEC = Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales

Stop just being a tourist, study stay abroad!

International student organization that organizes workplacements abroad in a form of internship abroad in a company or by joining the organization. Thanks to this young people can develop their potencial all over the world. Offers international student exchange, arranging workplacements in companies abroad in all countries.
Current projects: HelpChat, EDISON, SPEAK!


ELSA = The European Law Students´ Association

European association of law students is international, independent, non-political and non-profitable organization. It was founded with the aim of young law students meeting at events where they can develop their personal development, self-realization and acquire new experience in the area of law. ELSA is formed by students of law faculties and young lawyers from all Europe that are interested in their academic and personal growth.
It organizes many seminars and conferences with important figures of Czech and international legal affairs which contribute to quality and efectivity improvement of academic student life at the Faculty of Law in Pilsen.


ESN = Erasmus Student Network

Students helping students.... Czech it!

Group of students United into a non-profitable organization that takes care of incoming international students, helps them with getting used to the new environment (introducing the Czech Republic, the city of Pilsen and the University of West Bohemia), organizing further many interesting trips for them, fun, culture and sports events.
The most important and regular events and projects are: SocialErasmus, Students ball and new also Mov´in Europe!


IAESTE= International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experien

Internships and stays, exchange projects. Your best way to education.
Do you want iCareer? Plan it!

International, non-govenment, non-political and non-profitable organization that unites your people irrespective of religion, nationality, colour, race or gender. The main aim of this organization is to support increase in the level of professional and language knowledge of students and graduates.
The most important activity of IAESTE is the international student exchange programme, arranging internships in companies abroad, organizing job fair and publishing the job opportunities catalogue.