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Delegations and official visits to the University of West Bohemia

The University of West Bohemia (UWB) welcomes international delegations and visits seeking academic or other collaborations with members of UWB community.

Visits are managed through the hosting UWB unit, in consultation with the Protocol Officer.

To expedite the process of welcoming international visits, the UWB hosting unit (contact person or other designated individual) should complete and submit the International Visitors Form by email to the Protocol Officer: Ms. Romana Suchá, email: sucharom(at)rek.zcu.cz

The employees of UWB Departments who invite the delegation to visit the University of West Bohemia may contact the UWB Protocol Officer for advice on matters of protocol, logistics and security.

Please note

  • The International Visitors Form is used only for short duration visits to University of West Bohemia of 1 to 5 days by high representatives of international institutions for the purpose of exploring collaboration opportunities, discussing existing joint activities or signing ceremonies.
  • Guests for longer visits such as one semester or year-long visiting study programs should contact the UWB International Office by mail to: international(at)rek.zcu.cz
  • During certain periods of the year the availability of UWB staff members is limited due to the academic schedule. For this reason, it is unlikely that we will be able to welcome professional group visits on legal Czech holidays and from the beginning of July to the end of August or during the last two weeks of December. Please see the UWB Academic Calendar for more details.
  • Meetings with the Rector: all arrangements involving meetings with the Rector are organized by the the UWB Protocol Officer in cooperation with the Rector’s office. The Office of visiting highest representative of international institution has to contact UWB Protocol Officer to prepare the visit in advance.
  • Meetings with other UWB officials: the hosting academic unit (UWB faculty, institute or research centre) will be responsible for planning and coordinating the visit of international delegation for which no participation of the Rector is required. The UWB Protocol Officer will support and assist with these visits as requested.

The International Visitors Form serves these important purposes:

1.       It collects information on international visitors or delegations, prior to their arrival, in order to plan their visit to the University of West Bohemia.

2.       Details on recent and upcoming international visits will be used to inform UWB personnel and to facilitate contact and potential collaboration with international guests.

Contact for delegations and international visits:  Ms. Romana Suchá – Protocol Officer, International Office - University of West Bohemia, email: sucharom(at)rek.zcu.cz , phone: +420-377 635 713, mobile: +420-735 713 907.

Contact for incoming international students and for teaching mobilities: erasmus(at)service.zcu.cz ; international(at)rek.zcu.cz , phone: +420-377 635 799.